Where to Buy

Best Places to Buy D&D Dice

Looking to buy some dice? Check out these sites that sell all kinds of dice sets,
including metallic dice sets, gemstone dice, and even custom dice sets. We recommend only the best and most user-friendly sellers to make buying D&D dice as easy for you a possible.

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Recommended Sites

Amazon Amazon.com is a great place to find deals on D&D dice. Prime members can even get free two-day shipping on all kinds of dice, making it easy to have your newest set in time for your next game session.

SkullSplitter Dice – SkullSplitter Dice sells high-quality metal dice, as well as themed dice sets for character archetypes, like thieve’s tools dice and wizard’s grimoire dice.

Awesome Dice – Awesome Dice has a large selection with many types of D&D dice sets and single dice to choose from.

Dark Elf Dice – Dark Elf Dice has some unique types of dice such as glow-in-the-dark sets, metal dice, crystal dice, and dice of different sizes. They also offer miniature figures.

Die Hard Dice – Die Hard Dice specializes in metallic and polymer dice sets. They even have a page dedicated to helping you find the right set of dice based on your character class.

DnD Dice.com – DnD Dice.com is a dice specialty shop that lets you order custom dice sets. They also offer metal dice and other kinds of specialty dice.

Q Workshop – Q Workshop is a dice manufacturer that makes themed dice for many board games and tapletop RPGs.

Want to Learn More About D&D Dice Before You Buy?

If you’re not sure what kind of dice you want just yet, take a moment to check out our DnD dice guide. You can learn how to improve your game experience and increase your immersion with the right set of dice. Get tips on picking out the perfect dice color based on your character’s alignment, class, and more. You can also find reviews and info on specialty D&D dice.