Wiz Dice Bag of Tricks Review

Wiz Dice Bag of Tricks Review

What’s In This Bag of Tricks?

The Bag of Tricks includes one full set of each Wiz Dice series 3 color, for a total of 20 full 7-piece polyhedral dice sets for a whopping 140 dice, plus an embroidered dice bag. The Wiz Dice Bag of Tricks retails for $29.99, which is a pretty cheap price for such a large amount of dice that come in guaranteed sets.

Wiz Dice series 3 set colors
All the Series 3 dice color are included in the Bag of Tricks, as seen above.

In our Bag of Tricks, we were pleased to see that all 20 sets were indeed intact. These are honestly some of the more unique dice colors we’ve come across. Wiz Dice allows members of their fan community to come up with the color names for each of their new dice series.

Wiz Dice Series 3 Colors:

SkystoneGoblin Teeth
Blighted GroveCherry Blossom
Ghost JadeDesert Topaz
Sticky IchorDreamless Night
Crimson QueenForge Embers
PenumbraSea Glass
BloodlustCelestial Sea
QuicksilverEnchanted Clay
Midnight NebulaSparkle Vomit
Celestial Sea, a sparkly blue set of D&D dice from Wiz Dice
Celestial Sea is one example of just how unique and cool the dice from the Bag of Tricks look.

Dice Quality

So are Wiz Dice good? In terms of material and construction, these dice are mostly on par with Chessex, which is one of the most widely used brands of RPG dice out there. They are light in the hand but have a decent enough weight to carry through a solid roll. The acrylic material is also durable, meaning you don’t need to worry about the dice cracking or chipping when you inevitably roll them off the table.

That said, we did receive one slightly malformed die in this bag. The d8 from the Midnight Nebula set was unfortunately misshapen:

Malformed d8 from Wiz Dice Bag of Tricks
A misshapen d8 from the Wiz Dice Bag of Tricks.

Simulated-Play Roll Tests

To get a sense of how fair these dice would be in a simulated-play environment, we tested each d20 over 50 rolls, which is roughly the amount of dice rolls someone might expect to encounter during a 4 – 5 hr D&D game.

These tests were not meant to be scientifically exhaustive, but to give a solid expectation of what the average person can expect after ordering these dice and taking them to tabletop game night.

In general, these dice were surprisingly fair. We were expecting them to be a bit all-over the place given the low cost, but we found that most gamers would probably have a fair game using these dice. The d20 that performed most evenly across 50 rolls was from the Sea Glass set.

Roll test results for Wiz Dice Sea Glass d20
The results from the roll test for the Sea Glass d20 were surprisingly balanced.

The most unbalanced die we encountered was the d20 from the Blighted Grove set, which landed on some numbers an excessive amount, and never landed on others.

Roll test results from the Wiz Dice Blighted Grove d20
The d20 from the Blighted Grove set was unbalanced in an unfortunate way.

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The Dice Bag

The last thing we need to mention before we render our final verdict on the Wiz Dice Bag of Tricks is the bag itself. While the price is great for the amount of dice sets you receive, what really adds extra value to the Bag of Tricks is the dice bag.

The material is a light brown cloth similar to the classic Crown Royal bag. It is spacious enough to hold more than the 20 dice sets that come inside it, and to top it all off, the front and back of this dice bag are beautifully embroidered.

On the front of the bag is the name of this set, the Bag of Tricks. On the back is a cool scene that draws inspiration from the magic item in Dungeons and Dragons this bag takes it’s name from. In the game, the Bag of Tricks is a magical bag full of fuzzballs. You can pull these fuzzballs out and throw them on the ground, where they will turn into a random animal ally to fight by your side.


For our Wiz Dice Bag of Tricks Review, we’ve taken into account the value, number of dice, looks, quality, and dice balance. Since we had one of our sets marred by a slightly imperfect d8, we can’t give these dice as high of a score as we would like.

All things considered, though, LootDice gives the Bag of Tricks an 8/10 rating. Good for the value, but with some flaws. This is a great piece for anyone who is more interested in building their dice collection with fun new colors than scientifically balanced rolls.

Purchase the Bag of Tricks here, or check out the Wiz Dice Storefront on Amazon for more cool D&D dice sets like:
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Already own the Bag of Tricks? How does our review stack up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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