Dream Dice Roundup: 7 of the Most Expensive D&D Dice Sets

The 7 Coolest & Most Expensive D&D Dice Sets

There are all kinds of cool dice out there, from custom-themed acrylic dice sets to forged metal dice and even hand-crafted sets made from precious gems. Just like with special edition rulebooks, custom-made gaming tables, and expertly painted miniatures, some RPG players are obsessed with collecting the best of everything – including the coolest (and most expensive) D&D dice.

Here’s our roundup of some of the most expensive RPG dice that you won’t find at your local game store.
(Note: Prices referenced here reflect the prices at the time of writing and may be subject to change.)

  1. Glow in the Dark Elven Dice – $25Glow In The Dark Elven Dice from DnDDice.comThese glow-in-the-dark elven dice from DnDDice.com are one of the more affordable options for gamers looking to bring some unusual and interesting dice to their next session.The stunning elven script and detailing looks good even in the light, with white on black numerals. Let them charge under a bright light for a bit and watch them really pop with color as the numerals and elven scrollwork glow with a haunting green light! Great for those late-night D&D games or horror-themed adventures.
  2. Golden D&D Dice – $40Gold D&D Dice from Dark Elf DiceNothing stands out quite like the lustre of gold. After all, that’s the reason your character decided to venture into the dungeon in the first place, right? For the promise of treasure!While this gold D&D dice set from Dark Elf Dice is actually metal coated with a bright gold finish, they certainly look and feel like the real thing. The price, while more expensive than most other sets, makes it easier for these dream dice to become a reality.
  3. Amethyst Dice – $95Amethyst D&D Dice Set from Level Up DiceAmethyst is a semi-precious stone that has been prized throughout the ages for its mystical properties. Now, Level Up Dice makes it possible to bring a stunning set of hand-crafted amethyst D&D dice to your game table.However, with a price that matches the precious stone and craftsmanship, you might be more likely to display these in a nice dice box rather than use them to roll initiative. Who knows – maybe a little of the amethyst’s mystical energies will turn into a lucky roll?
  4. Jade Dice Inlaid with Brass – $428Jade D&D Dice with Bronze Inlay from Artisan DiceArtisan Dice claims to offer “the finest dice on the planet.” After seeing these jade dice that are inlaid with brass numerals, we’re inclined to agree! Not only does this set of jade D&D dice look absolutely incredible, the artisans have also made sure that they are ready to roll on the tabletop without fear of chipping or scratching by encasing them in a clear resin layer.You can bet that the high level of craftsmanship that went into these jade dice comes with an equally high price tag. This is definitely one of the most expensive D&D dice sets you can find, but to a serious collector with deep pockets it may be well worth it.
  5. Flame-Touched Titanium Dice – $436Purple Flame-Touched Titanium Dice from Level Up DiceWhat better way to enhance the experience of role-playing a dwarven forge-master than with this incredible set of flame-touched titanium D&D dice? This set of purple flame-touched titanium dice looks like they just came out of a dwarven foundry deep in the mines.Crafted by the artists at Level Up Dice, each set of these titanium dice can be customized during the flame-touch process, which gives the metal such distinct colors. This, combined with the special font used to engrave the numerals, makes this expensive set of D&D dice worth the price for collectors.
  6. Fossilized Coral Dice – £75Fossilized Coral D&D Dice from TheDiceShopOnlineSo often in Dungeons & Dragons or other role playing games, the story of your adventure seems to revolve around ancient ruins and forgotten knowledge. If price is no issue, you can add your own ancient history to your dice bag with this set of fossilized coral dice from TheDiceShopOnline.The look of these fossilized coral D&D dice is absolutely unique. (Check out the website to see for yourself). Each die is carved from an actual fossil, then the numerals are laser engraved and hand-painted. At this price, you might be tempted to let them stay safely encased in the foam-padded display case that they ship with.
  7. Mammoth Ivory Dice – $2,176Mammoth Ivory D&D Dice Set from Artisan DiceWe’ve saved the most expensive D&D dice for last. These mammoth ivory dice from Artisan Dice are by far the most expensive set we’ve come across. Each set of dice is crafted from an actual mammoth tusk which ends in a stunning look.You can read about the crafting process the artist go through to create these dice on their website. Simply looking at the price tag requires a constitution saving throw. For most gamers, and even the wealthiest collectors, these mammoth ivory dice will probably remain in the realm of dreams.

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