D&D Dice for Your Character Class

How to Choose the Perfect Type of Dice to Fit Your Character Class

The character class you choose to play has a great impact on your game experience. No matter what class you pick, you’ll need just the right set of D&D class dice to complement your character. Here are our suggestions for types of dice that go well with each character class.

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Barbarians are primal warriors who fuel their attacks with rage. The perfect set of D&D dice for a barbarian character, avoid metallic or translucent dice in favor of something more basic. Use dice in shades of red when rolling attack damage to emphasize the primal fury behind the blow. If price is no limit, you can find D&D dice sets crafted from bone, wood, or stone that would be great for a barbarian character.


Royal Purple and Gold Dice for a Halfling Bard

Bards are poets, singers, musicians, and performers with a wealth of magical knowledge to draw from. To emphasize the showmanship of your charismatic bard, look for flashy, shiny dice in bold colors or swirled color patterns. You can find D&D dice sets with various types of ornamentation that would be perfect for a bard. If you’re looking to spend a little more, try looking for colorful dice with metallic gold, silver, or copper finishes. You can also find hand-crafted gemstone dice available online for a much steeper price.


Clerics are holy warriors who focus on healing and protecting their allies. They draw their power and magic from the deities they worship. If your character’s deity has a distinct color scheme associated with it, you can try to find a set of dice to match. One example would be a set of blue and silver dice to match the colors associated with the god Bahamut in The Forgotten Realms.


Druids are guardians of nature. They are more at ease around plants and animals than around towns and cities, prefering the harmony of natural order to the laws and rules of society. To find the perfect set of dice for a druid, look for neutral tones that reflect nature, such as stone gray, forest green, or a soft brown color for wood. If you have the budget for it, you can even find artisinal dice carved from stone or wood. Dice with patterns of scrollwork leaves such as elven dice are great for druid characters.


Fighters focus on martial prowess with all manner of weapons, fighting styles, and tactics. If your character is an armor-clad tank, consider choosing some metal dice to complement your playstyle. A set of gold colored dice might go well with a mercenary fighter who fights for the highest bidder. Just as fighters can be versatile characters, there are many different types of dice suitable for this character class.

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