D&D Dice Color By Alignment

What Dice Color Matches My Character’s Alignment?

Playing with a set of dice that matches the alignment of your character can help improve your roleplaying and gameplay experience. Here are some ideas for color combinations that go with different alignments. Or, you can check out some other ways to find the perfect D&D dice set.

A dragon hoarding dice

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Lawful Good

Lawful good characters are righteous defenders of truth and justice who adhere to a strict moral code. They strive to be paragons of virtue and role models to others. This alignment is a common choice for paladins and clerics.
Colors closely associated with this alignment include gold, silver, white, and bright blue.

Pure white dice for an honorable Paladin

Neutral Good

A neutral good character is guided by a set of morals or principles rather than by the laws of society. Still, they try their best to do what they believe is right, even if that sometimes means going outside the law.
Colors associated with neutral good include yellow, bright red, brown, and bright green.

Chaotic Good

Chaotic good characters often disregard the law entirely in their zealous pursuit of righteousness. These are vigilante characters who take justice into their own hands.
Closely associated colors include black, purple, green, and smoky gray.

Lawful Neutral

The actions and choices of characters who are lawful neutral are guided a strict set of laws. Being lawful neutral means never going outside the letter of the law, even to help others or for personal gain.
Colors associated with this alignment include white, light gray, copper, and pewter D&D dice.

True Neutral

True neutral characters see themselves as removed from the laws and morals of others. They seek balance and harmony with their surroundings.
Colors that are suited to a true neutral alignment include stone gray, light brown, forest green, or even no color at all (translucent).

Chaotic Neutral

Chaotic neutral characters are wild cards. They adhere to no laws or morals and believe that they are free to act impulsively, disregarding the effects their actions have on the world around them in pursuit of their own goals.
Colors associated with this alignment can be almost anything, but bright, vibrant, and crazy color combinations fit best. Look for pink, red, orange, violet, and lime green.

Lawful Evil

Lawful evil characters hold themselves to a strict code of honor, but their moral focus is on evil rather than good. These are often villains who wish for personal power at the expense of others rather than wanton destruction.
Colors that go well with this alignment are black, dark gray, silver, and dark red.

Neutral Evil

Neutral evil characters do evil for the sake of evil. They have no interest in obeying any laws or helping others. They are often hitmen, con artists, or lawless mercenaries who wouldn’t think twice about betraying their own mother if the price was right.
Colors that fit this alignment include metallic gray, black, dark brown, and white.

Chaotic Evil

A chaotic evil character is a dangerous and unpredictable madman. These characters do heinous acts of evil just because they want to watch the world burn.
Colors that go well with this alignment include blood red, green, black, purple, and gold.